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  1. Special Price £101.30 £84.42 Regular Price £194.82
  2. Zebra Symbol DS4308-HD Handheld bar code reader 2D Black

    High Density, 2D, Corded, LED, Roll 360°, Skew ± 60°, Pitch ± 65°, w/o Stand, Black
    Special Price £229.44 £191.20 Regular Price £441.24
  3. Intermec SG20T 2D Handheld bar code reader Laser White

    SG20THPHC-001 SG20 HC 2D, Wht, corded,USB/KBW/232 I/F (Healthcare 2D corded High Performance EA30 imager, White scanner only, cable ordered separately)
    Special Price £356.24 £296.87 Regular Price £685.08
  4. Datalogic 941013112-00510 barcode reader

    Magellan 9400i Scanner Only, Std Config, Short Sapphire Platter/Shelf Mount, Enhanced Processing, IT/CHI Power Cord/Brick (Cable Sold Separately.)-
    Special Price £991.66 £826.38 Regular Price £1,952.08
  5. Datalogic Gryphon I GM4132 Handheld bar code reader 1D Grey, White

    Gryphon GM4132, 433 Mhz, Kit, USB, White (Inlc. base station BC4032-WH-433 and cable 90A051945) Not for use in the US
    Special Price £441.44 £367.87 Regular Price £868.98
  6. Socket Mobile SocketScan S700 Handheld bar code reader 1D LED Green

    SocketScan S700, 1D/linear Barcode, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
    Special Price £287.45 £239.54 Regular Price £552.78
  7. Socket Mobile DuraSled DS840 Barcode module bar barcode readers 1D Black

    DuraSled DS840 Universal Barcode Scanning Sled iPhone X/Xs
    Special Price £431.80 £359.83 Regular Price £850.00
  8. Datalogic PowerScan 9501 Handheld bar code reader 1D/2D Laser Black, Yellow

    PowerScan PM9501, 910 MHz, High Performance/Liquid Lens, Removable Battery
    Special Price £662.87 £552.39 Regular Price £1,304.86
  9. Datalogic Matrix 120 210-110 Fixed bar code reader 1D CMOS Blue

    CMOS sensor with Global Shutter, 128MB, 5-30 VDC, 1.6-2.4W, IP65, Blue
    Special Price £947.42 £789.52 Regular Price £1,865.02
  10. Datalogic 9360441320-220331 barcode reader

    Magellan 9300i Scanner/Scale, EU Factory Pre-Verified Metric Config/Dual Interval w/ Display, Med Sapphire Platter/Shelf Mount w/ Flip-up Produce Rail, Standard Processing, EU Power Cord/Brick, RS-232 Single Cable-
    Special Price £1,512.42 £1,260.35 Regular Price £2,977.20

Items 1-10 of 710

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